Plocher Vertriebs GmbH a brief company profile

Plocher systems for restoring the quality of water, air and soil. From purification and decontamination of drinking, ground and surface water, to water in-puts for agriculture, as well as the decontamination of waste waters. Increase of quality and profits in agriculture, touching a wide spectrum of sectors: from soil, plants and animals to slurry, compost, dung and liquid manure.

The Plocher system was developed by the German inventor Roland Plocher during the Eighties. Meanwhile his system is used all over the world in over 35 countries. It helps to restore the natural cycles and the quality of water, soil and air. It is applied in agriculture, in forestry, in water management for the purification and decontamination of drinking, ground and surface water, waste water and water for agricultural purposes and in the industrial sector.

The Plocher system equips analogous to the process of ion beam dotation carrier material with specific information, whereby the carrier material receives defined data which start, improve or optimize desired natural processes. The so-called Plocher system comprises the technical process and the equipment transferring specific information and a series of highly innovative products (penac). Its advantage is the enormously low consumption of resources and at the same time an extremely high efficiency of the products. The carrier materials consist of natural substances used in very low doses. Their effectiveness is primarily based on the transmission of so-called information which catalyse defined processes in the environment.

All components of the Plocher system and products (penac) contain only natural raw materials and no chemicals, synthetics and no genetically changed constituents.

In compost, manure, natural fertilizers and even the soil treated with penac, aerobic microbes will increase such as the aerobic bacteria, nitrogen (N2) fixing bacteria, the "free", non symbiotical bacteria, (azobacter, azomonas, azospirillum, derxia, etc.) and the symbiotical bacteria (rhizobium, bradrhizobium, azorhizobium). Contemporary pathogenic and anaerobic micro-organisms and therewith harmful gases (NH3, CH4, H2S) will considerably reduce. Nutrients will enhance through aerobic conversion and tilth will be built up, photosynthesis, quality and growth of plants will improve, environmental pollution including the level of nitrates in the ground and surface water will reduce. In agriculture penac is used with all kinds of vegetables and fruits, cereal and oil crops, rice, maize, sugarcane, coffee, tea, potatoes and trees. Penac-g is for slurry and liquid manure, penac-k for compost and soil, penac-p for plants, penac-t for animals (30 50g/ton of animal food), penac-w for water and other products are available for special tasks. All products are made in Germany.




Waste water and surface water treatment with the Plocher system

The Plocher system is used to restore the water such as lakes, in which from the excessive in-put of nutrients from agriculture, households, industry and waste water treatment plants an euthrophic condition has been reached. Due to the entry of many nutrients, the overproduction of biomass is pre-programmed, which following decay consumes the entire volume of oxygen released in the deeper layers of the water. Because of insufficient mineralisation as caused by lack of oxygen, sludge is created on the bottom of the lake. This anaerobic decaying sludge supplies nutrients, especially phosphates to the water, forcing the overproduction of biomass, and a negative circulation is developed. The effects of this negative circulation may be treated and overcome with the Plocher system.

Here are examples and results of waste water treatment with penac-w (water) and other special Plocher products in a German waste water treatment plant (Klein Wesenberg) and in a coffee

factory in Costa Rica:






Result of the treatment with the Plocher system of water of a well in Vietnam.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Development.





Decontamination with the Plocher system:

The system is also used to treat various contaminations in different substances.

The following graphics demonstrate the results of this decontamination:
















The concepts and products presented in this document can breathe life into our suffering environment through sustainable techniques which are innovative, cost effective and affordable by most countries.