In the last few decades soil life has almost met with extinction due to environmental influences and modern agricultural methods. Cause for concern is chiefly the loss of humus and the increasing acidification of the soil. This is particularly harmful to the microorganisms in the soil, thus inhibiting the metabolism and the breaking down of organic substances. Important mineral substances like nitrogen are not longer accessible to the plants.

All important substances can be restored to the soil by using fully decomposed compost. By imparting information relating to oxygen and other vital substances PENAC -K, the compost activator by Plocher Energy Systems, stimulates the microorganisms to such an extent that the process of decomposition in the compost is maximized and - most importantly - considerably reduced in time. Moreover, by enriching the soil with such compost the natural nitrogen reservoir can again be fully utilized, is present in the soil in bonded form and thus accessible to the plants.

All PENAC products (Plocher ENergy ACcumulators) carry the oscillatory pattern of vital substances and thus act as a catalyst. Stored in each product are targeted characteristics of efficacy which are transmitted to the precise area in the organism where life processes can be activated again.

In general, compost ricks treated with PENAC -K are ready for use much sooner than the untreated ricks. Furthermore, turning with a relevant device becomes much easier. The structure of the treated compost resembles that of soil which is rich in humus and can be compared with fresh forest soil.

Apart from its uses in the preparation of compost and solid manure PENAC -K is also most efficient in fighting unpleasant odors wherever rotting material is stored. The process of decomposition can already be activated before the material reaches the final composting site where this process will then continue. Only minute dosages are required.

It is most important, therefore, that we create, in our soils, the correct conditions for a well-functioning natural cycle. This necessitates a sufficient humus contents and a healthy bacterial flora in the soil. Organic raw materials (compost, solid manure and liquid manure) which have properly decomposed will give back to the soil the nutrients it had been deprived of. A natural cycle closes and the environment can become healthy again. Man at the end of the food chain can finally reap what he has once sown!


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