Cows and success with penac-kat and penac-t

Animals drink much more water when it has been treated with a penac-kat

Mr Bardeß has a dairy with 28 LSU and has used penac-t for animals and penac-g for slurry for some time.

In the spring of 1997 he began a trial with the penac-kat and observed the water consumption of his animals with and without the penac-kat.

The results of the daily consumption:

  • without penac-kat from 24/02/1997-05/04/1997 :

1.72-1.87m water consumption per day

  • with penac-kat 05/04/1997-18/04/1997:

slow increase to 2.19-2.37m water consumption per day

  • without penac-kat from18/04/1997-06/05/1997

after short time it was again 1.72-1.87m water consumption per day

  • with penac-kat from 06/05/1997-11/06/1997

2.20-237m water consumption per day


The consumption difference amounts to 0.47 0.5m per day, the consumption increased to 17.8 liters per day per LSU with the use of penac-kat. This means an increase of 27%!

Mr Bardeß noticed that several animals had increased milk production.

Health stabilization of the animals through penac-t

Mr Bardeß pre-mixes the penac-t with rape seed oil (10l for 30 tons) and then adds this mixture during the milling process into the feed. That works better than with a dry pre-mix.

His observations since using penac-t:


Supplementation of penac-t before and after calving

A tip from Mr Bardeß for experienced users: a special supplementation of penac-t to the cow before calving: teaspoon, two evenings before and one teaspoon after calving. Right after calving is up and about again.