Penac in winemaking

As one can see form the attached winemaking report from the ARC, Nietvoorbij, 100% increase in yield was achieved with intensive spraying with penac-p molasses leaf.

Objective: To improve the taste

Size of the treated area: 3.03 ha (2ha treated, 1ha control)

Application: Starting in November with 100ml then 50ml every 2 weeks till harvesting/ ha = 450ml/ha

Ground type: Sand clay Planting: Southeast Irrigation: Dripper

Fertilizer program: 50kg/ha ureum after harvest; 75kg ureum ha before harvest

Cultivar: Sauvignon blanc Base: Richter 99

Age: 11 years



Growth: Good Leaves: Good

Overall health of plant: Good healthy year

Average harvest yield in area/ha: 17.8 tons/ha

Ideal/expected classification: Satisfied