PRODUCT INFO PENAC-K Compost, Manure and Soil Activator



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Carrier material




For compost and manure

For compost and manure

g 1541

g 1531



Calcium Carbonate*

Calcium Carbonate*

In sifter

*Composition: Calcium Carbonate (98.1% CaCO3 + 0.9% MgCO3 = 99%)


Problems with compost

Compost treated with penac

rotting through lack of oxygen

unstable rotting process

bad smells from rotting

lack of water retention capacity


Loss of nutrients

pollution and contamination of soil and water

more than enough oxygen

stabilising of decomposing process

proper composting smell

good water retention capacity

hygienic through formation of natural antibiotics

binding of nutrients

humus build up in soil, no water contamination





Dilute 40g penac-k/m of compost material in water, let stand, pour over compost layer by layer.

Pre-mix 40g penac-k/m of compost material with stone meal, sawdust, sand or similar substances ratio 1:10. Apply evenly to compost.

In compost and manure (Stacking system)

Each new layer should be treated with penac while building a compost heap. In an existing compost heap which is not going to be turned anymore poke several holes into the heap and pour in penac-k.

An ideal way of adding penac-k is during turning of the heap.

In the Stable

After cleaning the stable first apply Penac-k 3g/m onto the floor, then on top of bedding. Repeat after applying new bedding.

In the Bio-Bin

After emptying the container apply penac-k to the floor. Give very small amounts of penac-k on top of each layer. One can pre-mix with sand to make application easier.

Application to Plant Residue, Green Cover, Soil Improvement

Utilise your green cover, plant residues, wheat etc more efficiently and faster through penac-k. Apply 500g penac-k/ha, pre-mixed in water, to the fields. This will enhance the formation of better microbial life and re-integrate the organic material into the soil before all valuable nutrients etc have been lost from the soil due to sun, wind, and rain. The best time for application is before working in the organic matter and generally in autumn.

Humus Build Up

Even very severely damaged soil can become fertile again through proper composting management. Through regular application of compost, humus build up in the soil is promoted. Through the use of penac-k this is guaranteed. However no rotting substances must be brought into the soil.