Regeneration of Nature with the use of Vibratory Energy

The Plocher Energy System causes us to change the way we think about
our relationship to the earth
by Ursula Lang


The ecological balance is seriously disturbed. Environmental pollution is increasing enormously and natural cycles are being severely affected. More often than not nature cannot regenerate itself without outside help. Trees are dying, animals are suffering from diseases, our drinking water is polluted and these are only a part of the dramatic consequences which come back eventually to the cause: to man.

This well-known portrayal of the global situation which the public were made aware of by the green movement, is, however, by no means a hopeless situation. According to Paracelsus, the renowned Doctor for natural healing, each diseased organism carries the capability of curing itself, if it receives the right impulse for recovery. Paracelsus' original discovery was intended for the healing of mankind. 500 years later in 1980 Roland Plocher, thinking further along these lines, developed the Plocher Energy System to help regenerate our ailing environment. 

Investigating the Problem

During long years of research Roland Plocher, known from the documentation film "Wenn der Wasserman kommt..." shown by ZDF (a German television channel), found out that the inherent regenerative powers of nature can reverse damage which has been done over the years when provided with the appropriate means.

An organism cannot remain in a healthy state should certain substances be missing and these can be contributed by the use of the Plocher Energy System.

Should, for example, the oxygen necessary for living processes in water be exhausted through too much pollution, then the bacteriological processes cannot function. The pollution of the lake increases and eventually the point is reached where organic life is no longer possible leading to the death of the fishes and plants, etc. 

Plocher tries new methods

If oxygen is added to the water the microorganisms then start functioning again. Plantlife and sludge are then impregnated with minerals and the water regenerates itself completely after a certain length of time. The Plocher Energy System enables a simple method of adding oxygen, without the use of chemicals or electricity which can damage the environment. 

The PENAC products (Plocher-ENergy-ACcumulator) carry modulated vibrational energy which gives a catalytic effect. The symptoms, which adversely affected the plantlife and sludge, are not just eliminated, but their causes are treated which have prevented living processes functioning. 

The natural circle is complete

This completely different way in which nature is treated can be clearly observed in agriculture. Intensively reared livestock and monoculture have led to completely disturbed natural cycles. Stressed animals eat food treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides and the result is that they have to be given antibiotics regularly. The liquid manure from these animals is then disposed of as problem waste on the fields.

The poisonous substances which are in the manure harm the soil organism and then eventually run into the ground water. Chemical fertilizers then have to be used to replace the substances that are missing in the soil. The result is that the plant, animals, water and finally man are extremely adversely affected.
The Plocher Energy System reactivates the natural cycles. The liquid manure which has been treated with PENAC is then completely absorbed by the microorganisms and is therefore similar to an organic fertilizer. The soil organism are activated; nutrients are once again available for the plants and so they are not washed into the ground water. The plants which are treated with this natural fertilizer produce healthy food and then obviously the health of the animals is thereby stabilized. Finally, the animal waste is less polluted and the
natural cycle is complete. 

Our individual responsibility

This part of the range of possibilities of applying PENAC products shows how all the organisms and ecological systems are connected with one another. Only if we consider ourselves as a part of the whole system can we use this chance to take part in the healing of the planet. We carry the responsibility for our biosphere, then we can achieve quite a lot even in our personal environment.