PENAC shows phenomenal results in both conventional and organic agriculture in more than 20 countries, saving all farmers, nurseries, seedling growers as well as livestock farmers considerable amounts of time and money, and last but not least helps to save and restore our environment.

With the application of Penac, plants become harder, sturdier and grow at a faster pace than normal. Penac converts liquid manure into non toxic, non smelling, non burning fertilizer and revitalizes stagnant and re-stabilizes water. Through the application of Penac, a higher oxygen content is obtained. This offers totally new possibilities i.e.: reduction of algae in dams and re-introduction of fish, silt reduction, purer and better tasting drinking water, treatment of septic tanks, treatment of wells and cisterns, sewage, etc.

Roland Plocher from Meersburg in Germany has been working with alternative energies and homeopathy for years. Beginning with the fact that all living things possess their own special vibrations, which, if disturbed lead to illness in that organism, he developed a system, which re-activates the lost harmony in an organism (soil, plants, water, animals) and re-establishes its full potential.

With its unique method the Plocher Company is able to regenerate these damaged life processes by imprinting the corrective factors on special carrier substances. These carrier substances pass on the necessary information to the organism which is to be treated, for example "oxygen". When the "informed" quartz powder is analyzed there is no observable chemical change, but it is possible to measure the effects after application. This means that the quartz powder contains added information besides its own original vibration.

As observed with all carrier substances treated according to the Plocher System, they hand on the information to an organism, for example water, soil, plants or wastes in permanent form. They therefore become bio-catalysts which re-activate life processes. Think of a CD which possesses permanently imprinted information, for instance, the vital information can be passed on permanently by the carrier substance which itself does not change or get used up.

The products are internationally marketed under the name PENAC â (Plocher Energy Accumulator) and due to the outstanding results achieved in both conventional and organic agriculture Roland Plocher can now often be found in countries, even on invitation by governmental departments, which encounter ever increasing agricultural problems, generating huge losses. For instance Vietnam where due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc. the rice yields had dramatically decreased; due to this surface and ground water pollution caused, besindes many of the known problems, big losses amongst the fish farmers .... and do not forget Vietnam's love of its ponds with Kois.

Exceptional results have been reported with Avocado, Orange, Pine- and Eucalyptus Trees, Tomatoes, Chilies, Alfalfa, Grains, Sugar Cane, Coffee, Lettuce and all Vegetables.

Germany reports of elimination of flies and bad smells from rotting eggs due to use of PENAC K

In Canada, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland etc. where the majority of animals are held inside, stables and liquid manure are treated with PENAC G and K: less ammonia, better health, better performance; non smelling, non burning fertilizer is created which can at any time be brought onto the fields and even young plants. The results are astonishing: increased meat quality, lower fatality rate in chickens etc., much lower veterinarian expenses, higher milk production - to name just a few of the reported results.

In MECCA animal cadavers are treated with PENAC K to eliminate the terrible smells and toxic decomposing - a non toxic, aerobic rotting process is initiated. The same goes for Pit Latrines

See also reports regarding successful water treatments

The PENAC Products are not expensive , non toxic, contain no chemicals and can be used in organic and conventional farming where the application of fertilizers can often be reduced by 50%. - But PENAC is not a fertilizer nor is it a pesticide or fungicide.

PENAC helps to re-instate natural cycles and is also a very important factor for reducing overall expenses.