Impulses to regenerate nature

Initiating Cycles -- Activating Life

The balance of nature has been disturbed. Damaging aspects of the environment are attacking our ecosystem to such an extent that natural cycles are greatly disturbed. Often nature is unable to regenerate naturally. The dying of forests, animal diseases and poisoned drinking water are some of the dramatic consequences, which in the end are suffered by the one who caused them, man !

However, this well-known picture of the global situation, which the Green Movement has brought before the public is by no means hopeless. According to Paracelsus every organism contains the ability to heal itself when it receives the correct healing impulse. What that famous nature healer had originally discovered about the healing of human diseases, a man named Roland Plocher spun out further 500 years later and so developed the Plocher Energy System in 1980.

Reactivation of Self-Help Impulses

Roland Plocher , known through the documentary film "Wenn der Wassermann kommt...", on the ZDF program in Germany, found after the years of research that the damaged environment can regenerate itself, provided it is assisted with the right substances. On the other hand, a living organism can no longer support vital processes when it lacks certain substances. If liquid manure, for instance, has too high a concentration of antibiotics then the bacteria are unable to work normally. The whole process changes into one of decomposition, important nutrients can no longer be absorbed and used by the plants and so foul-up the ground water.

A Closed Cycle

This erroneous principle of dealing with the environment can be clearly observed in modern agriculture.

The keeping of large animal herds, mono cultures and intensive agriculture have caused totally damaged natural cycles. Stressed animals eat feed treated with pesticides and have to be treated with antibiotics. Their liquid manure is therefore so unhealthy and it is spread on lands as a "problem" fertilizer. The poisons it contains harm the soil organisms and end up in the ground water. Missing nutrients have to be supplied by means of artificial fertilizers. In the end the plants, animals, water and finally, man suffer.

The Plocher Energy System instead generates natural cycles. Liquid manure treated with PENAC is converted completely into valuable fertilizer by the microorganisms. The microbe life in the soil is activated. Nutrients are made available to the plants again and so do not enter the ground water. The naturally fertilized plants provide healthy feed causing the health of the animals to stabilize and their manure becomes healthy too. A new cycle has been established.

Individual Responsibility

This example of the possible use of PENAC shows the close link between all organisms and ecosystems. Only when we regard ourselves as part of natures plan do we have the chance to do something to help regenerate our sick planet. We carry the responsibility for our environment and even in our small sphere we can do much .