Editorial in the monthly OAASA Newsletter Aug.2000

Organic products for organic farmers

Organic farming is really taking off in South Africa. We, at Organic Farm & Garden Supplies (Pty) Ltd. (OFGS) realize this through the much higher demand of our products and the many enquiries we get on a daily basis from organic growers or from farmers wanting to go organic.

Growing organically does not eradicate all pests and fungi problems, at least not in the first few years, especially as there is too much conventional farming surrounding "organic islands". The organic grower still needs assistance through products which comply with international rules and regulations set up by IFOAM, EU, Soil Association etc and these products are not so freely available throughout the country. We at OFGS have therefore concentrated on purely organic products to assist you. The penac range offers you:

penac-g: a waste processing additive for use on liquid manure to activate natural aerobic processes, reduce anaerobic bacterial activity, distribute nutrients evenly and facilitate regeneration of beneficial natural organisms.

penac-k: organic additive for compost and manure which initiates aerobic activity, accelerates the decomposition process, and reduces noxious gases and unpleasant odors. It enhances the soil microbes and therefore the formation of humus.

penac-p: agricultural and horticultural plant strengthener to stimulate plant growth and resistance to diseases as well as to promote quality, quantity and productivity.

penac-t: an animal food supplement formulated to enhance disease resistance by revitalizing natural immune system processes, improving general health and vitality of animals.

penac-w Group: a water treatment additive which reinitiates the oxygenation process in small and large bodies of water . Reduces algae, increases oxygen, stimulates aerobic processes which decrease silt and reduce harmful bacteria in stagnant lakes or ponds for reestablishment of fish and natural aquatic life. Also applied to ground water, sewage plants, septic systems, and grey water.

penac-kat Water Catalyzers: self-contained water purification devices containing penac catalytic materials. penac-kats are attached to water pipes carrying commercial and residential water. No plumbing installation or outside energy source is required, there is no maintenance or filter replacement, and expected life is 10 years +. The first ones were built 18 years ago and still work perfectly.

The beauty of penac is its effectiveness, it is cost saving due to the very small amounts needed and can be intermixed with any other remedy.

1.5kg/100m≥ penac-g needed to turn putrefying slurry into a homogenous, aerobic liquid fertilizer. 

300-500g penac-k needed per hectare to stimulate soil microbes, humus formation and water retention capaticy or

40g/m≥ composting material for a perfect slow release fertilizing compost.

100-200g penac-p needed per hectare as foliage spray

20g penac-p needed to dress 50kg seed.

penac-p promotes root and plant growth, resistance against diseases and fungi and prevents shock.

50g penac-t needed per ton of feed or

2g/LSU/day to be able to omit growth stimulants and antibiotics in the feed. Happy, healthy animals result in excellent meat quality, outstanding performance and excellent and more production e.g. milk, eggs.

1-5g penac surface water per m≤ needed to stabilize a dam or lake.

1-3g per penac waste water needed to turn aggressive waste water into irrigation water.

The penac-kat is needed to vitalize stale water and reduce/eliminate iron and pathogenic bacteria in the water.

With a combination of some of our products we are now able to organically manage human waste (for which we donít need a sewage plant anymore), waste from abattoirs, mines, industry and many more.

Our products are available through our reps in many parts of the country or directly from us. Many testimonials and trial reports from all products are available.