ditorial in Boeretross, July 2000

Secure your farming future with low input cost AND increased quality

Something has gone awfully wrong in the last years –
Something important has gone missing –
T h e P r o f i t.


Instead of complaining and/or accepting this fact, have you ever taken the time to look deeper into this matter and try and see what it is that has gone wrong?

Please take these few minutes and try and follow our reasoning, knowledge and experiences.

In short: our environment does not function any more – there is no balance – but only when the balance is in tact all organisms perform at their peak (soil, plants, animals, humans, water) and therefore produce best qualities and quantities. Unfortunately the chemicals in general have destroyed this balance and continue doing so. The way out is to recreate the natural balance. This can only be done if we find ways and means to leave out and/or strongly reduce the chemicals (growth stimulants, antibiotics, disinfectants, and pesticides) and still have the same or even better results, better and leaner meat, better shelf life at reduced input costs. And by means of this have also a wider range of income (homogenous liquid fertilizer, aerobic manure/compost) which again reduce our overall costs as e.g. chemical fertilizers.

This goes even further: the liquid fertilizer and manure help you to continuously increase your soil quality – which again results in better, improved harvests.

How is it done?

In the last few decades the management of natural cycles has been vastly neglected. Yet nature yields unimaginable forces which can so easily be harnessed for the benefit of agriculture. penac products treated in accordance with the Plocher Energy System can vastly enhance the regeneration processes in soils, plants, animals, water and manure. The beauty of the system is that it does not just eliminate the symptoms (such as pests) but does in fact treat the causes. Each penac product acts as a biocatalyst, setting the biological processes in motion again. The self-healing powers are reactivated, giving the organism a chance to become strong and healthy. The effectiveness of penac is proven daily in over 30 countries and by thousands of users here in South Africa.

All penac products are totally natural, non chemical and non toxic and comply with international standards and requirements for conventional and organic farming.


penac-g for slurry

To transform slurry into a homogenous aerobic condition, continuous availability of

oxygen is necessary. Supplying this oxygen mechanically is generally far too expensive. Simple and efficient is the use of oxygen information as done by penac-g. penac-g activates the aerobic bacteria in the slurry and it becomes liquid. In this process all anaerobic pathogenic bacteria become eliminated.

Initially the existing slurry dam will be treated, after that penac-g should come to use in the stables preventing bad odours, breakdown of nitrogen into ammonia, blockage of slurry canals and pipes and eliminating the need for flushing (saving: energy, maintenance, labour, water, gain: high quality fertilizer, improved animal health).

penac-t better animal health with minimal expenditure

To be able to perform at their peak, animals must feel well. It is therefore most important to find a way to reduce stress and increase the well being of the animals. This automatically increases production and quality and reduces vet costs. penac-t, using calcium carbonate as a carrier, is usually added to the animal feed and starts its positive activity in the intestines. A cleansing process begins and pH and acidity are brought in balance. This automatically will lead to a better feed conversion and build up of a stronger immune system and metabolism, especially since with the use of penac-t no growth stimulants or antibiotics are needed any more. Furthermore due to penac-t the animals are more content and show reduced stress levels. Surely a stronger, healthier animal will not easily contract diseases thus further savings on medication and vet costs.

Having no need for antibiotic feed supplements and growth stimulants will supply us with a produce fit for export as it now complies with international standards and of course also the growing health concerned local consumer market.

Summary:-Strong immune system, better lactation, higher lean meat content, more and better eggs, higher survival rate, better performance, improved adaptation, less stress, less disease.

Use for: all stock farming animals, poultry, birds, fish, equestrian, horses, pets.


penac-k for compost, solid manure, flies and soil


Breaking down of all organic matter faster, binding the nutrients (no ammonia and therefore no loss of nitrogen)

Result: Valuable high quality fertilizing compost.


Flies cannot breed in an aerobic environment thus compost, slurry and manure treated with penac-k will within days drastically reduce your fly population.

Stables, animals, houses etc sprayed with penac-k will prevent flies from settling down.

Result: Reduced transmission of disease, no loss of energy and weight.


penac-k applied to the soil, especially after harvest, will dramatically increase the aerobic microbes in the soil thus breaking down all organic matter including dead root stocks, stubble fields, prunings much quicker therefore increasing humus content, water retention capacity and fertility of the soil. By following this advice your soil will regain its natural structure and fertility within a few years.

Result: Better root development, stronger plants, reduced plant fungi, nematodes and eelworm, more fertile soil.

penac-p for plants

The immune system of plants is strengthened without using any chemicals. Root growth is enhanced and the capacity for assimilation increased. The result is a superior crop.

penac-w for water

Stabilising of polluted water, better drinking water, elimination of algae, E-coli and other bacteria, breakdown of lime and iron etc. 

The benefits of the Plocher Energy system to man, animal and environment are obvious. The system can be applied universally, saving precious resources and energy. There are absolutely no harmful emissions, which could pollute the atmosphere, the soil or our water. An added major advantage is the Plocher Energy system and the penac products are extraordinarily cost-effective.

The writer knows that in the momentary situation a product can only be successfully marketed if the user of this product will benefit financially i.e. it mustn’t cost him any money but he must save or make money. We guarantee you that this is the case.