Report from Mooiberg Dairy on penac

Starting date: 22 March 1999

Size of group:

  1. Cows 70
  2. Calves 10

Cell counts of cows:

  1. at start 336
  2. after 6 weeks 140

Average production:

  1. at start 1464
  2. after 6 weeks


  1. at start 467
  2. after 6 weeks 477


  1. at start 3.40
  2. after 6 weeks 3.58

Type of feed: 15% ureum free

Type of cow: Jerseys

Comment: Pieter was not very optimistic about our new product at the beginning of the winter, because temperature changes had a dramatic effect on production. This makes the results shown after only three week even more impressive: It was good to find out, after three weeks, the following:- even though the somatic cell counts went up to 504, during the initial cleansing out phase, ( the farmer started not with the recommended 1g but with 2g/t/day so the initial phase was shorter but more dramatic), (which in the beginning could happen while the cleansing process takes place), the protein, butter fat and milk production stayed constant, while the food was reduced. This was this situation after four weeks: protein of the feed was reduced from 15% to 12% and reduction of concentrate from 300g to 250g per kg milk a great saving on costs. After six weeks use of penac-t, the somatic cell counts dropped to 140. Butter fat 2% more increase plus 5%, with production constant even though these are the traditionally bad months.

Pieter will continue using penac in the future for greater savings on his farm.

The above trial results were received by fax and Pieter van Rensburg wrote by hand the following comment:

Ek glo daar is baie suiwelboere wat beslis baat sal vind met die gebruik van penac-t. Die gebruik van middels vir mastitis het baie verminder en bronstigheid van koeie blyk ook duiderliker te wees.