Report on the use of penac-t: 13/08/1998


Horse: Bodenhausen Feldstein

Breed: Hanovarian

Owner: Philip Heyman


I bought Feldstein five years ago as a six-year-old. I initially wanted him as a showjumper and occasionally did a lower dressage test with him. He did well in the showjumping ring but about 18 months ago I decided to take up dressage as my main discipline in riding. Feldstein is a kind, gentle horse horse but he is very strong when being ridden. I also found that the travelling and show schedules seem to unsettle his mind. In the last year I have tried everything possible to keep my horse happy and relaxed. We traveled to shows monthly for the last 18 months without being placed once in an event. I tried different methods of training and several instructors. I even considered selling him at one stage.

Then two months ago I met Helga Dietrich and she introduced me to the penac products and I started using this after reading her reports. I have had the following results:


  1. My horse is definitely more relaxed and happy.
  2. He is looking better than ever before everybody commented on how healthy he looks.
  3. He seems to be doing well on less food.
  4. During the last show he was placed 2nd and 3rd in dressage classes and his marks that was normally about 50% increased to 61.5%. He was marked 8 out of 10 for one of his movements. Judges comments ranged from " Wow " to " Brilliant ".
  5. People that saw him a couple of months ago in Bloemfontein could hardly believe that this was the same horse.
  6. I am very excited about penac and will continue the use of the product.