penac-k, penac-t, penac-p


penac application in a horse livery

Mr XYZ has been running a horse livery for several years, with an average of 15 horses. He continuously had problems with the bedding (smell, moisture). The bedding had to be changed twice a day, which resulted in very high costs for straw.

"Straw Manure Mattress" with penac-k

Since the beginning of 1997 a totally new concept has been followed - the "Straw Manure Mattress":

.1. The cement floor is treated with a layer of penac-k mixed in Diabas-stonemeal (75g penac-k in a 10lt. bucket of stonemeal)

.2. About 10-12cm layer of manure

.3. Again penac-k mixed in stonemeal

.4. Some humous-rich soil

.5. A good layer of fresh straw

.6. A layer of penac-k-stonemeal-mixture

In the evening/morning Mr Bär distributes the manure of the horses evenly throughout the box and puts fresh straw on top, for every second layer of straw a layer of penac-k-stonemeal-mixture follows. This way a dry, elastic floor mat gradually develops. The result of this is that the hoofs of the animals are always dry and ammonia is eliminated. This bedding is only removed after 2 3 months. The manure heap, which before posed a real problem, now only grows very slowly.

Living soil

The manure heap from the horses is then stored close to the fields or pastures. The transport is done with a manure distributor to which a few buckets of penac-k-stonemeal-mixture are added as well as half a front loader filling of humous-rich soil. This is placed on top of the manure and mixes itself easily. After about three months the manure is totally decomposed and very fine and can now be thinly distributed over the pastures. (Tip: Turning the heap several times, like compost, reduces the breakdown time considerably)

The pastures and meadows have up to now been treated twice with penac-p (200g penac-p to 400lt. of water). They have improved considerably. Mr Bär talks about a living soil as the additional application of the decomposed manure is now very quickly broken down even further by the earthworms and in a short time will be reintegrated into the soil.

Stonemeal and penac-t as mineral fodder alternative

Instead of giving his horses mineral fodder they have an unlimited supply of Diabas-stonemeal and 4g penac-t is daily mixed into their drinking trough (a reduction of costs by 60% in comparison to the normal mineral feed mixtures). The animals have shining coats, hooves of iron, are in a very good condition and are less nervous, possible wounds heal very quickly and vet expenses are considerably reduced. Mr XY recommends this method for every horse lover.