Letter from a veterinarian from Hermanus specialising in racehorses



"I was introduced to penac products only recently (± 2 months ago). I have used it on all species of animals except pigs and children and so far I am very excited about it. You get various different products for use on various different things: penac-w for water, penac-t for animals – one especially for plants and so forth.

The two penac products that you can use are penac-k for compost and penac-t for the horses themselves.


is a product used to wet the stable before you put down the bedding and then you spray it on top of the bedding once per week. You also spray it on your compost heap. This prevents the infestation by flies extremely well. We are at present trying it on our own yard in Cape Town. It seems to work very well indeed, of course the summer months will tell us more.


will keep your horses’ normal bacterial populations in it’s gut very healthy and this will make the horses more able to withstand the stresses of eating a high concentrate diet and the mental stress of competitive training. Remember the horse is adapted to being a grazing animal and almost 65% of his body weight is involved in his intestines and digestive system. Within this therefore millions of bacteria which now have to adapt to living with concentrate food which has a very high acid content. This food then changes the natural bacteria population balance. The use of penac-t helps maintain a healthy balance for the bacteria that cannot exist in an acid environment by supplying oxygen.

This in the long term translates to a quieter, more peaceful temperament – healthy intestines and stomach.

The important thing to remember is, it must be maintained constantly and you can’t give it one day and not the next and still expect to get results. Also it takes ± 3 weeks to a month before you will see results."