(1) Wilfried Bomm - Kirchhellener Alle 153
D-46282 Dorsten - Telephone 02362-42977

(2) Josef Tönisen - Traberhof zum Horn 40 - D-47574 Goch

penac Consultant
Norbert Peters, D-47574 Goch - Telephone 02827-9374

penac-kat, penac-t, penac-k

Use of the Plocher system with horses

Since Mr Josef Tönisen began using the penac-kat, penac-t and penac-k, his " Traber" farm has had no visits by the vet due to illnesses among the horses. He realised that the animals were becoming too fat and reduced the concentrates by 15%. The horse manageress, Silke Bächler, stated that the horses had become much more vital since the beginning of the use of the Plocher system.

Mr Wilfried Bomm noticed the first possitive changes after only three days and states that the horse’s intestines had better activity and that the manure had, after just a few days, already become much softer. Mr Bomm noticed a much better feed utilisation and therefore a significant increase in performance. This was most noticeable with the horses Formica Exact and Lawinia. Out of 10 races Formica Exact had eight victories with the driver Heinz Wewering, who is the current world champion.

Usually once the horses entered the arena several times they became quite nervous and distracted. According to Mr. Bomm exactly the opposite happened with the horses that received penac-t. They were much more content, quieter and disciplined. These experiences resulted in the following conclusions:

Amongst the Trabers the names Bomm and Tönisen are very well known. Their horses run on the A-tracks of Gelsenkirchen, Dinslaken, Mönchengladbach and Recklinghausen. These two horses, especially Formica Exact, are well known to all trotting event lovers.