Important news regarding Salmonella !
The following report was received from Tom Frøkjær in our Danish Agency. It is of great importance, not only for pig farmers but for all who Salmonella might be problem for.
‘Concerning sloppiness: a pig farmer here has been using penac for about 12 months. In all this time he never had a problem with salmonella. Two months ago he had to undertake some drastic measures (like giving the pigs penicillin, organic acids, etc.). However, the farmer found out that the mill had forgotten, for a period of 10 days, to put penac-t into his fodder. He immediately instructed them to put it back in and then pretended to give them penicillin etc. He in fact did not do anything else, other than getting the penac-t put back in. By the following delivery to the slaughterhouse the salmonella had disappeared!‘


penac-g in stables and ISO 9000
A farm owned by the leading producer and distributor of plant seeds in Scandinavia (Svalöf Weibull AB) has had these experiences with penac-g. The farm located in Västraby Gard, Helsingborg, Sweden, comprises of 230 cows (milk production) and 5 employees. penac-g has been used since 1st June 1997.
This is the official version of the account now used for promotional purposes in Sweden.
"All of us feel how the climate in the stable has improved compared to before we started using penac and it is immediately noticeable if we have been sloppy in the application. The increase of NH4 (nitrogen) – evident from the analysis done after the treatment – is very interesting. The positive effect on the climate has prompted us to document the use of penac in our ISO 9000 certification which of course also means that we are going to continue the treatment."
Additional Information: Only 3 farms in Sweden have been certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 9000.