Use of penac-t with mother-sows


During First trial : 32 suckling sows - During Second trial : 30 suckling sows - During Third trial : 30 suckling sows


First trial : 30 days - Second trial : 30 days - Third trial : 30 days


50 g penac-t per ton of feed


Illustration 1 Weight at the end of the trial

All penac trials shared a significant better weight gain with the piglets. The weight gain was 5.3% higher than the control groups.

Illustration 2 Daily weight gain

The average daily weight gain, after 3 trials, was 6.0% higher than the control group.

Illustration 3 Mortality

penac-t reduced the piglet-mortality by an average of 26%.

Illustration 4 Weight differences in the mast

The feed in the fattening pens was given 50g penac-t/ton. The test results showed that the weight of the animals in the control groups is about 3,7% less than in the penac-t groups.

Illustration 1 Layout of the Company Krekenavos in the Model

The company Krekenavos with its 45 000 pigs is the biggest pig breeding business in the Baltikum.

Besides breeding and mast, there is an abattoir and meat processing plant. Their own feed-mill guarantees the correct addition of penac-t.