Editorial PORCUS

A viable future in pig farming depends on 3 main factors:

  1. Lower your input costs
  2. Reduce your losses and increase your income
  3. Generate income

Can all this really be achieved for less money?

Yes it is possible and practiced for years in many countries. In pork producing, our main user countries are Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Korea, and now also South Africa, Switzerland and Vietnam and continuously countries are following suit.

To achieve these goals you have to work with nature not against it.

Allow us to help you.

Lower input costs

  1. a set-up that is less labour intensive – saves money
  2. a set-up where less water is needed for cleaning – saves money
  3. proper waste management improves health conditions, reduces ammonia and flies – saves money
  4. animals with strong immune systems need less medication – saves money
  5. better feed conversion – saves money

Solutions to 1.

We can advise you in restructuring your set up if necessary and how to achieve reduced water consumption up to 90% (see a and b).

No ammonia increases health of animals, better meat, less flies (see c). For this use penac–k and penac-g

penac-t instead of antibiotic supplements, therefore a stronger immune system and better meat; weak organisms often get sick and need medication. (cost R12/ton feed) (see d)

penac-t improves the pH and acidity, resulting in a better feed utilisation.(see e).


2. Reduce losses – increase income

  1. improved meat quality, - increases income
  2. improved lactation and therefore less pre-weaning mortality – reduces losses
  3. reduced mortality from diarrhea and dehydration – reduces losses
  4. higher lean meat content – better prices – increases income
  5. compliance with customer demands for less chemical residues – increases income
  6. strong healthy animals produce better (caged animals loose lung volume and muscle strength) – increases income
  7. compliance with EU standards opens export markets – increases income
  8. going organic – increases income

Solutions to 2.

a,b,c,d all these benefits can be achieved with penac-t for R12/ton feed

e,f,g,h with penac-k, penac-g and penac-t

3. Further income generating

Utilise your waste – generates income

Solution to 3.

penac-k for aerobic compost rich in nutrients – penac-g for aerobic homogenous liquid fertilizer.

The self-healing powers are reactivated, giving the organism a chance to become strong and healthy. The effectiveness of penac is proven daily in over 30 countries and by thousands of users here in South Africa. All penac products are totally natural, non chemical and non toxic and comply with international standards and requirements for conventional and organic farming.

To be able to perform at their peak, animals must feel well. It is therefore most important to find a way to reduce stress and increase the well being of the animals. This automatically increases production and quality and reduces vet costs. penac-t using calcium carbonate as a carrier, is usually added to the animal feed and starts its positive activity in the intestines. A cleansing process begins and pH and acidity are brought in balance. This automatically will lead to a better feed conversion and build-up of a stronger immune system and metabolism, especially since with the use of penac-t no growth stimulants or antibiotics are needed any more. Furthermore due to penac-t the animals are more content and show reduced stress levels. Surely a stronger, healthier animal will not easily contract diseases thus further savings on medication and vet costs. Having no need for antibiotic feed supplements and growth stimulants will supply us with a produce fit for export as it now complies with international standards and of course also the growing health concerned local consumer market.