All round better results thanks to Penac!

Mr Rosenberg has been using penac-g since spring 1995 in his slurry pit. The first positive reaction after one month convinced him so much that he has been using penac-kats, penac-k and penac-t from 1996 onwards. One of the first noticeable changes was the disappearance of the lime layer in the swimming pool. The success was so great that as from 1996 his slurry did not need any penac-g any more.

The success of penac with regards to dairy is obvious. Udder illnesses are a thing of the past and the cell counts of the milk have come down to less than 100. His best cow is ten years old and delivers over 12,000kg of milk per year! In the pig breeding section practically no medication is needed any more and an average of twenty-two sold piglets per sow which is good news for the farmer.


Since the use of penac-p (i.e. barley 2 x 200g /ha) in the agricultural sector of the farm, yield has increased continuously. Similarly the expenditure from mineral fertilizers has dropped.

Higher yields due to improved quality and quantity gives savings in expenses that more than pay for penac and give the farmer an additional profit!

For Mrs Rosenberg a further most valuable reason for using penac is the experience with the penac water activator as less than half of the detergents can be used and it is as soft as using a conditioner.