Use of penac-w at ALBI FRUIT JUICES GmbH & Co.


In the reverse cooler of the bottling plant, hot juice bottles are cooled down step by step with water of 85 -25. This warm water is again cooled down at the heat exchanger through the cold juices.

The high temperatures of the water offer ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria and because of that, the whole plant was run with a concentrate of 0.1%-0.2% disinfectants. Despite these precautions after 3 days the water became dark and began to smell. To reach the desired pH of 8 caustic soda was used.


Dosage amount of penac-w

The volume of the reverse cooler is 40m. When refilling, 200g penac-w surface water is added instead of chemicals; the daily water inflow of about 3m is supplemented with 100g penac-w surface water.



Without any chemical additives the water now stays clear and clean for 4 weeks, the pH is stable at > 7.0.

Now bottles coming out of the reverse cooler are now always clear and clean. No white sediments are noticeable any more. A minimal formation of algae can be noticed in the basin where the cold and warm water meet, but no smells develop.