Diverse Improvements through
the use of penac in the Brewery


Since the beginning of 1997, the brewery uses penac products. Various problems in regards to waste water and lime chalk were solved and in addition, very interesting improvements regarding the beer have occurred.


penac-w for waste water eliminates bad odours

Very bad smells came out of the waste water pit. The brewery started using penac-w for waste water (2g/m at the weekend).


Advantages in Beer Brewing

To utilise the stimulating effect of vitalized water for the biological activities during the beer brewing process, the Plank Brewery has installed a penac-kat for the brew water (one kat for 1.5m daily water consumption). The hardness of the brew water has already been adjusted therefore no stabilisation is needed anymore.



Lime Problems in the Bottle Cleansing Plant Solved

Another penac-kat was installed onto the pipe for the warm water supply of the bottle cleansing plant.


The management of the brewery is very satisfied with these results of the penac products.