Lime Problems in the Geyser Solved

Situation at the beginning

Before the installation of the penac-kat , at the latest every 3 years, the element had to be taken out for decalcification otherwise the hard lime chalk on the element became so thick that one could not pull it through the flange opening any more.

The chalk sediment had to be removed, layer by layer, which was very laborious and time-consuming ( 10 hours).


Results one year after penac-kat installation

October 1997, when 3 yearly maintenance was due, the penac-kat had been installed for one year. When the element had been removed the following changes were observed:


These pictures (following page) cannot nearly demonstrate the reality of how porous the 2-year-old sediments had become after the penac-kat was installed.

Already 6 weeks after installing the penac-kat the Macho family made the following observations:




 Side View

 View of the underside of heating element


  Part of chalk sediment from geyser wall