OFGS N10 - Eelworm Complex

Microscopic worm like animals, tubular or thread like nematodes and round worms. They live in moist soil, water, decaying organic matter and tissues of other living organisms. Eelworms form a part of the normal soil fauna: some are pathogenic, causing diseases in man, animals and plants; others live on and destroy the pathogenic forms and are therefore beneficial. Corn, lettuce, pepper, potato, tomato and other plants are susceptible to root eelworms. Alfalfa, chrysanthemum, onions, rye and other plants are attacked by leaf eelworms. Feeding by root eelworms causes lesions and galls on roots and stimulated excessive root branching.
Above ground, plants wilt, growth is stopped and plants may die. Leaf eel worms cause leaf galls or lesions and distorted leaves.

Females lay eggs in masses, or eggs may remain inside the female to hatch when she dies. Most species have a mobile larval stage that moves through he soil on a film of water to infest the plant.  The adult stage is reached after several moults. Life cycle takes 3-4 weeks.

Foliar spray with penac N10 water soluble and suitable for use in conventional liquid foliar and irrigation water applications. Dilute 80ml to 500l water. See your agricultural dealer for further information.
NOTE: Application should take place late afternoon or at fist light before sun depletes the natural moisture on foliage. Apply immediately as roots start to form, and again in 21 days as growth begins to emerge. This will provide protection and give the plants a healthy start. Repeat as needed to control pests, paying attention to the life cycle of the eelworms. For leaf eelworm use same mixture and spray before sun depletes natural moisture on foliage.
We recommend the addition of 0.1% Agricultural Wetting agent to the final mix. This will provide fast penetration to plants and soil.

Our recommendations are believed to be effective.  Since the use of this organic blend is beyond penac and its retailers control, no expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of its use can be given, nor liability taken.

As with any essential oil product, keep in a cool place, out of sunlight, and its closure tightly sealed.  Store below 25C

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