OFGS N13 - Snail Complex

Garden snails and slugs belong to the animal group gastropods. At least two species of slugs are troublesome, the grey and giant or spotted slug. Snails and slugs hide in undergrowth during the day and feed at night on tender leaves of many plants, leaving a slimy trail where they have crawled.  Eggs are clear, oval or round and laid in jelly-like masses.  Both snails and slugs feed primarily on decaying plant material.  They also eat soft succulent plant tissue and rasp large holes in foliage, stems and even bulbs.  They may completely demolish seedling and severely damage young shoots and plants.

Adults lay egg masses in moist soil or under rocks or debris. Eggs hatch in 2-4 weeks. Snails take 2 years to reach maturity. Slugs grow for 5-24 months before reaching maturity.


Foliar spray with penac N13 water soluble and suitable for use in conventional liquid foliar and irrigation water applications.  Dilute 80ml to 500l water.  See your agricultural dealer for further NOTE: Application should take place late afternoon or at fist light before sun depletes the natural moisture on foliage.
We recommend the addition of 0.1% Agricultural Wetting agent to the final mix. This will provide fast penetration.

Our recommendations are believed to be effective. Since the use of this organic blend is beyond penac and its retailers control, no expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of its use can be given, nor liability taken.

As with any essential oil product, keep in a cool place, out of sunlight, and its closure tightly sealed.  Store below 25C

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