OFGS N2 - Ant complex

These familiar garden inhabitants vary in size, colour and to some extent habits, but all kinds have a well-developed social organization with a queen and workers. The Majority of the larvae hatched from the eggs are sterile workers but a certain percentage are winged males and females.  After mating the male dies while the female flies to a suitable site, tears off her wings, makes a small nest and lays eggs. The whitish maggot-like grubs (young larvae) are cared for by the females until they are full-grown workers, when they in turn care for the queen and her young.

Ants do not feed on plants but become garden pests because of the unsightly hills or nests they form and especially because of their habit of fostering aphids. The ants often seen swarming over the succulent tips of plants are there to obtain the aphid excreta called honeydew. The relation between ants and the corn and strawberry root aphids benefits both.  In the autumn ants carry the aphid eggs underground and nurse them over winter: in the spring they carry them to some succulent weed host where the young can obtain nourishment. Later they carry the adult aphids around and ”pasture” them on corn roots. The aphids have become so dependent on ants for transportation that they have practically lost the means of locomotion.

Foliar spray with penac N2 is 100% water soluble and suitable for use in conventional liquid foliar and irrigation water applications. Dilute 80mls to 500l of water. See your agricultural dealer for further information.
NOTE: Application should take place late afternoon or at first light before the sun depletes the natural moisture on foliage. Mix and apply with sprayer if ants are present on foliage. This will reduce the ant from becoming a host to other pests and their eggs. The mixture maybe poured directly into the anthill. Once you’ve located the anthill make holes 30cm apart with a sharp stick deep enough to reach the center of the nest (20-40cm). Fill each hole with Ant Complex mixture. Repeat as necessary to deter ants from area. Keep in mind Ant complex will help in the control of aphids. We recommend the addition of 0,1% Agricultural Wetting agent to provide fast penetration to plants and soil.

Our recommendations are believed to be effective. Since the use of this organic blend is beyond penac and it’s retailers control, no expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of its use can be given, nor liability taken.

As with any essential oil product, keep in a cool place, out of sunlight, and its closure tightly sealed.  Store below 25°C

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