OFGS N3 - Aphids

A worldwide group of insects popularly called plant lice, attacking nearly every garden and greenhouse crop. Small, soft bodied, they are usually green but may be brown, yellow, pink or black. They feed by thrusting a sharp-nosed stylet from their beaks into the plant cells and sucking out the sap. The plant’s resulting loss in vitality is shown by discolored areas on the foliage, curling of leaves and blithing of buds and fruits. Even more disastrous is the propensity of the aphid to transmit plant diseases such as fire blight and mosaic. As they feed, aphids excrete a sweet honeydew onto leaves, which supports growth of sooty mould. In fall, late feeding by aphids harden off succulent new growth on fruit trees.

Eggs overwinter on woody stems or in crevices in bark. They hatch in spring into ”stem” females that give birth continuously to live nymphs. Nymphs mature in 1-2 weeks and start producing offspring.  Because of their swift reproductive rate, aphid colonies develop quickly. When days become shorter in fall, males and normal females are born; these offspring mate and the females lay eggs, which is the overwintering stage of the insect. In greenhouses, some strains of aphids continue to give birth to nymphs year-round.

Aphid complex. Foliar Spray with penac N3 is 100% water soluble and suitable for use in conventional liquid foliar and irrigation water applications. Dilute 80ml to 500l of water.  See your agricultural dealer for further information. NOTE: Application should take place late afternoon or at first light before sun depletes the natural moisture on foliage. Spray immediately upon eggs hatching with strong stream of diluted complex to knock aphids off plants; most will be too injured to survive. The complex will coat the vegetation with an unpleasant aroma and taste to the aphid.  Because of the rapid reproductive rate, spray plants frequently. To control overwintering eggs on fruit trees spray for dormant control to maintain healthy plants; do not over fertilize with nitrogen.

We recommend the addition of 0.1% agricultural wetting agent to final mix, this will provide fast penetration to plants and soil.

Our recommendations are believed to be effective.  Since the use of this organic blend is beyond penac and it’s retailers control, no expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of its use can be given, nor liability taken.

As with any essential oil product, keep in a cool place, out of sunlight, and its closure tightly sealed.  Store below 25°C

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