OFGS N6 - Cutworm Complex

A name given to the larvae or caterpillars of many species of moths, which cause various types of injury on many kinds of plants except those with woody stems. Crops seriously affected (especially in young stages) are beans, cabbage, corn, cotton, tomatoes, tobacco and clover, but newly set out ornamental seedlings are also often attacked.
Caterpillars feed at night on young plant stems at the soil line. Youll find the severed plants lying on the ground in the morning; seedlings may be completely eaten. During the day, caterpillars rest below the soil surface, curled beside the damaged plant stems.

Adults emerge and lay eggs on grass or soil in spring. Eggs hatch in 5-7 days. Larvae feed on grass and other plants for 3-5 weeks, then pupate in soil, adults emerge in late summer. Some species overwinter as eggs that hatch during the first warm days and feed on the earliest seedlings. One generation per year: a late second generation may damage crops in warm fall weather.

Foliar spray with penac N6 water soluble and suitable for use in conventional liquid foliar and irrigation water applications.
Dilute 80ml to 500l of water. See your agricultural dealer for further information. 
NOTE: Application should take place late afternoon or at first light before sun depletes the natural moisture on foliage. Spray immediately when eggs hatch, repeat again during the larvae stage.  During this stage digging around severed plants lying on the ground, in the morning will destroy hiding larvae. When adults emerge repeat application. Warm fall weather may produce a second generation, additional application may be necessary.
We recommend the addition of 0.1% Agricultural Wetting agent to the final mix. This will provide fast penetration to plants and soil.

Our recommendations are believed to be effective.  Since the use of this organic blend is beyond penac and its retailers control, no expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of its use can be given, nor liability taken.

As with any essential oil product, keep in a cool place, out of sunlight, and its closure tightly sealed.  Store below 25C

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