PENAC-KAT Holistic Water vitalisation

With the "discovery" of the Plocher Energy System the future of water regeneration has already begun. The method involves neither the use of chemicals which are harmful to the environment, nor any electricity required. The system is based on the purely energetic oscillation level of the water and does not even use magnetism. The penac-kat (catalyst) is maybe the most startling product of this range as it simply becomes attached to a water pipe without ever getting in direct contact with the water and not needing any outside energy as e.g. electricity. By passing by the penac-kat stale water (municipal, borehole and often even surface water) becomes revitalized resulting in the liberation of oxygen which was present all the time but encapsuled in molecular clusters. The suddenly high oxygen content helps to reduce/eliminate pathogenic bacteria giving us as water good in taste and quality, comparable with fresh spring water. The lime which causes so many problems and high replacement costs for heating devices, pipes, sinks etc. is modified in its molecular structure and thus no more the feared hard lime crusts but if at all a soft easy to remove thin layer. Ideal for households, industries and shops. In agriculture and stock farming the penac-kat is of greatest importance as it not only vitalizes and purifies the water but also avoids algae in dripper irrigation etc. and provides animals with top quality water free of disease creating bacteria. Often poor health conditions of stock is caused by E.coli etc. infected waters.


Energetic Water Invigoration based on the Plocher Energy System


Application areas of penac-kat



Application area

Possible advantages

Vitalization of all stale waters

Municipal water
Borehole water
Stale surface Water

households, industries, breweries, municipalities, residential areas, agriculture, stockfarming

healthy, good tasting, drinking water
dramatic reduction of pathogenic bacteria and lime chalk
algae irrigation water

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