This field is treated since 1995 with penac-p and penac-g treated slurry. The animals receive
penac-t and the water was treated with a penac kat.

What weakens plants?

Generally speaking plants and soil are an entity, a type of an organism. The soil contains uncountable life forms, in one handful more than humans on this earth.  At the root tips a continuous co-operation of plant cells, bacteria, fungi and other components of the ground take place.

Soil and plants form an entity

In the occurrence of diseases we notice that the plants become damaged.  Seeing, plants and soil as one means the whole organism is weakened and the pests are the symptoms of the disease. By fighting just the pests as the only measurement, means treating the symptoms and not the cause.

Pests are symptoms of disease

The ecosystem in its totality must be taken into consideration. The occurrence of disease and pests are a means by nature to bring itself into a balance. This totality one can compare to the outbreak of fever in a human.   

Disease shows a lack in balance

To secure a long lasting recovery means the strengthening of life community of plant and soil as a total. When the normal biological balance has been re-established in both parts, pests and diseases vanish by themselves. Therefore the optimising of the natural self regeneration must be the utmost goal of plant treatment.

How pests vanish by themselves

Optimising natural self regeneration


The specific information in penac-p liberates astonishing abilities in the plants for their own self regeneration. This process can vary according to the quality of the ground.  Through intensified development of the hair roots and soil microbes, the supply of nutrients in the plant is optimised.

Optimal nutrient supply

Greener leaf colouring of the leaves shows an increased ability for photosynthesis. Together with the optimised nutrient supply this allows a healthy plant growth.  Moreover, now the plants build up enough reserves to produce natural antibodies against diseases and pests.

More intensive green colour of the leaves

penac-p is available in two different carrier materials: calcium carbonate and molasses. Calcium carbonate is suitable for the plant treatment through the roots. Molasses is used, diluted, as plant treatment over the leaves.  A combination of both is optimal.

penac-p on calcium carbonate or molasses?

Recommended is the complimentary use of penac-p and penac-k, however, the two products should not be applied simultaneously as they boost different processes. The best results are achieved by first applying penac-k and then, at regular intervals, penac-p.

First use penac-k for soil   improvement

Application areas of penac-p



Application area

Possible advantages

For lawn, meadows, grain, field fruits, flowers, bushes, trees

Garden centres
Public installations


plant production forests, nurseries, avenues, greenhouses, parks, graveyards, green areas, gardens, balconies, indoor plants,
golf courses
cut flowers

better yields
reduced stress when planting
reduced costs
more even growth
more intensive green colouring
better colouring, longer lasting

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