Agricultural Cycles

Agriculture can be conducted in various ways.  The main difference is whether a farming enterprise is  managed in open and closed cycles.  Extremely, open cycles can be seen as a production ”factory”. Fertilizer, seed, breeding animals and additives are brought in, used for production of food and during this process lot of waste is created.

Why does agriculture create waste?

In comparison in the closed agricultural cycle, the possibility of re-using slurry and manure as fertilizer is crucial and therefore the animals play a very important role in the production of this fertilizer.  A good digestion and healthy intestines are a pre-requisite for the long term preservation of the nutrient recycling on a farm.

Animals can produce fertilizer free of charge

To be able to perform at their peak, animals must feel well. Any type of stress reduces their well being.  Atypical keeping and feeding, excess medication as well as bad stable climate burdens the animal’s health.  To achieve ideal conditions regarding housing and keeping in most cases substantial investments are necessary. Often these demands cannot be met instantly due to lack of funds.

Stressed animals are less efficient

It is most important to find a way to reduce stress and increase the well being of the animals. This automatically increases production and quality and reduces vet costs. The implementation of penac will soon provide the funds to reduce dramatically the cost and simultaneously increase the productivity – thus allowing the farmer to optimise his whole farming enterprise to the latest standards, respecting environment and animal protection issues and further increasing his profit.

Better well-being of the animals is crucial

Better Animal Health With Minimal Expenditure


Penac-t, using calcium carbonate as a carrier, is added to the animal feed. The little amount needed is extremely economical as a feed additive. Increased feed utilisation as well as improved animal health make the cost for penac-t most viable and lessen costs due to possible reduction of concentrates.

More profit with less feed

Simultaneously with the use of penac-t the smell in the stables is reduced.  The oxygenation within the intestines prevents the rotting process and therefore aerobic bacteria thrives. This again alters the manure into a more aerobic condition.

Less stench in the stables

From this the quality of the slurry and manure benefits. These most valuable fertilizers help produce high quality animal feed on the pasture, better soil fertility and pest control as well as well as better plant growth and quality. Within a few years the farming enterprise becomes optimised.

The entire enterprise profits

And not to forget, penac-t contains information which keeps animals more content which is especially important for housed animals, resulting in a reduction of stress due to inadequacies in the keeping of the animals. Our special penac-t for pets and small domestic animals does not contain the calming information.

Stress is decreased

Application areas of penac-T



Application area

Possible advantages

For each animal

Zoological gardens
Riding Stables

Animal production
All animals
Horse boxes

More economical
Less smell
Increased endurance
Better animal health

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