Agricultural Cycles

Water, the basis of all life, circulates on our entire globe as clouds, rain, ground and surface waters. All substances released into our environment reach the water sooner or later. Here, natural cleansing takes place.

Water is the basis of life

In the water, germs of micro-organisms can be found. Depending on the type of pollution specific micro-organisms develop which will then breakdown these pollutants. Often in these breakdown processes a large number of these organisms are involved.

How does water clean itself?

Nowadays, due to the high degree of pollution, the self cleansing powers of many waters are exhausted. The burden from over-fertilizing and synthetic materials is simply too much. Therefore, effective water stabilization must include the elimination of the main pollutants.

Self cleansing ability is exhausted

So that water can fully develop its cleansing powers, it needs to be vital. In addition to the vitalisation, the water must be supplied with additional information which enhances the self cleansing processes. This way specific micro-organisms are activated.

How does one help the self cleansing process?

Specific Vital Qualities Needed by Waters


Garden and fishponds are often saturated with algae due to the excessive pollution. By applying penac-w surface water the algae growth is reduced to its natural degree. A stable level within the water biology will be achieved within time.

Surface Water

penac-w waste water is applied wherever mud and silt accumulate i.e. at the bottom of dams, ponds, in sewage plants, septic tank etc. The effect of the oxygen information causes mineralization of sludge, and bad smells are reduced dramatically.

Waste Water

The information of the penac-w ground water corresponds with that of the penac-kat. Therefore penac-w ground water will be used in all cases where the installation of the penac-kat is not possible. A combination of the penac-kat and penac-w is advantageous in wells, cisterns and swimming pools.

Ground Water

The penac wash additive increases the self-cleansing ability of the water in principle. It is suitable for the reduction of detergents in washing and dish washing machines. Savings of up to 50% are possible simultaneously the biological reduction of the detergent is improved.

Washing additive

Application areas of penac-W



Application area

Possible advantages

The right solution for polluted water

penac-w surface water

penac-w waste water

penac-w ground water

penac-w wash additive

fish farming, garden ponds, ponds
sewage plants, plant sewage management
wells, cisterns

washing machines, dishwasher,

better fish quality,
less algae growth
clear water
less smell, better BOB and COB parameter
reduction of nitrate and E.Coli
less detergent consumption

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